Puppet Manipulation Workshop
Workshop marionette walking

Our master puppeteers will discuss some of the construction and stringing techniques used when building marionettes, and then demonstrate the basics of marionette manipulation. Participants will be provided with marionettes for the duration of the workshop. Each puppet has been lovingly handmade by Tanglewood Marionettes artisans, and has been left uncostumed and unpainted to showcase the construction and joining techniques that go into the craft of marionette creation. Participants will experience firsthand what it is like to work a professional-quality marionette that has been balanced and tuned like a fine instrument. The marionettes are short-strung to allow the participants to work them at floor-level.

The Puppet Manipulation Workshop is offered in conjunction with a performance, on the same day and at the same location. If a sponsor wishes to offer the workshop without the performance, a minimum of three workshops must be scheduled for the same day, and at the same (or nearby) location.

Workshop length: 45 minutes
Maximum number of participants per workshop: 25
Recommended age level: 8 years old and up (the marionettes are too complex for children under the age of 8)